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Letters from BBC Television Licensing

From the beginning of 2006, I decided not to renew my television licence. I found that my television viewing consisted almost entirely of tapes of old programmes purchased off Ebay, and that my watching of broadcast television was less than an hour a week. I therefore decided to stop watching broadcast television, and I now spend the £147 saved from the TV licence fee on video tapes and DVDs. It is a good decision; I now pay for what I watch, and not for what I don't watch.

The only fly in the ointment has been aggressive letters from TV Licensing (TVL), which collects the licence fee on behalf of the BBC. TVL/BBC sends millions of letters every year to people who do not watch broadcast television, demanding payment. For many people, these letters can be very frightening.

But the letters are a bluff; they are computer-generated. TVL/BBC have none of the powers their letters imply and, with a little knowledge, people can stand up to the bullies. The purpose of this website is to share my TVL/BBC letters as I receive them, and to provide useful information for people who have no time for the BBC.

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January 2017

This is my twelfth year as someone who does not pay the BBC. I have saved £1,693 and, assuming 50p a letter, cost the BBC a further £57 in postage.

White 9 by 4 envelope.

February 2017

A brown envelope with two windows, one to show my address, and the other to expose the blue words "Will you be in on 20th February?"

March 2017

White 9 by 6 envelope

April 2017

9 by 6 white envelope. You know. We know. Pathetic.

May 2017

Brown 9 by 6 envelope

June 2017

Brown 9 by 6 envelope

September 2017

White 9 by 4 envelope.

October 2017

Brown envelope, 9 by 4

November 2017

Christmassy red envelope, 9 by 6

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