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January 2016

This is my eleventh year as someone who does not pay the BBC. I have saved £1,548 and, assuming 50p a letter, cost the BBC a further £51 in postage.

Brown envelope and leaflet

February 2016

Brown envelope

"February" 2016 (received March)

White envelope

March 2016

Brown envelope and leaflet

April 2016

White envelope

May 2016

White envelope

June 2016

Brown envelope and leaflet

July 2016

White envelope

August 2016

White envelope and leaflet saying "Change in the law. You need a TV licence for BBC iPlayer"

This is a new design of letter.

The "enforcement visit approved" stamp in the bottom-left is not a real ink stamp; it is pre-printed. The date underneath, 15 August 2016, also pretends to be stamp by being placed at an angle.

It reminds me of the secret agent or detective identity cards I used to get from comics, such as Action and Warlord. Here is one, with a similar red stamp, again in the bottom left, even tilted at the same angle, assuring me that I am a registered Warlord Secret Agent - cool! Thank you TVL/BBC for this little trip down memory lane.

September 2016

White 9 by 4 envelope and leaflet.

October 2016

Brown 9 by 4 envelope, and leaflet.

November 2016

White 9 by 4 envelope, and leaflet.

December 2016

White 9 by 6 envelope, and window.

Stay tuned for another TVL/BBC letter, next month.

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