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January 2020

This is my fifteenth year as someone who does not pay the BBC. I have saved £2,141.50 and, assuming 50p a letter, cost the BBC a further £75 in postage.

White 9 by 6 envelope, with window.

January 2020 - second version

Brown 9 by 6 envelope, with window.

February 2020

This item came as a sealed leaflet, and was fiddly to prise open. It looks like it has been written on before being slipped through the letter box, as though BBC/TVL were visiting in person. It's quite sophisticated; the ticks are slightly different, suggesting authenticity. In fact, a quick search of the internet found identical items - it was printed and posted, like a regular letter.

April 2020

Brown 9" by 6" envelope with window.

May 2020

White 9" by 6" envelope, with window.

June 2020

White 9" by 6" envelope, with window.

July 2020

Brown 9" by 4" envelope.

August 2020

9" by 6" white envelope.

September 2020

9" by 6" white window envelope.

October 2020

9" by 4" brown window envelope.

November 2020

9" by 6" brown window envelope.

December 2020

9" by 6" red window envelope.

Stay tuned for another TVL/BBC letter, next month.

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