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February 2011

I enter my sixth year as a non-person; my, how time flies. I have saved £821 by not paying TVL/BBC and, assuming 50p a letter, cost the BBC a further £25 in postage.

No January mailing this year, but there is a letter for February, which states that I have left them with"no alternative but to proceed with the final stages of our investigation":

May 2011

August 2011

October 2011

A visitor to this site sent in the following letter, not dissimilar to that received by myself in May 2006. Note the empty check-boxes, to the top of the letter, which imply that the BBC inspector will fill them out during the visit; he won't, of course, since this letter belongs to the recipient. It is just another example of theatre.

November 2011

Stay tuned for another TVL/BBC letter, soon.

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