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January 2009

I enter my fourth year as an unlicensed person. I have now saved £546 by not paying TVL/BBC and, assuming 50p a letter, cost the BBC a further £16 in postage. Here is January's letter:

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August 2009

I have never shown the reverse of an envelope, so I remedy that now:

Inside: I am startled to see two square boxes towards the top left of the letter; this has never happened before. Although this letter seems at first glance the same as for April 2009, there are differences in the text. For instance, the title bar says "Warning: you may be breaking the law", as opposed to "Warning against unlawful action".

September 2009

Inside: the letter says (in red, capital letters), "We have opened an investigation".

I don't understand the first sentence: "This is an official warning that we are carrying out an investigation". One does not warn that one is carrying out an investigation; one notifies. A warning is something that precedes an action.

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