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Links and Contact

You can email me at: bbctvlicence AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk

Please note, I am unable to respond to all emails, but I do read them all. If you have a query that is urgent, you may get a faster and fuller response by trying the BBC Resistance forum (you will need to create an account before posting).

Check out these great sites:

Vladimir Bukovsky's Refuseniks join up!

BBC Resistance (

- BBC Resistance forum
- The TVL Detector

13 things you need to know about the TV licence

The Daily Nag - correspondence with BBC/TVL

Pay Us First


Television Licence Information

"No TV Licence" group on Facebook (needs Facebook account to see)

Marmalade - anti-TV Licensing resource

Theo C. Cupier's collection of letters

CAL - Campaign to abolish television licence

Armin Grewe's Weblog

It is also worth reading BBC/TVL's own publications, downloadable from its website. For convenience, some links are:

"TVL annual review 2003/04"
"TVL annual review 2005"
"BBC - Collecting the Television Licence Fee", National Audit Office report, May 2002
This is the site where TVL/BBC agents are recruited:

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