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Must read

As this site has grown, important information, newly added, may be missed by visitors. I have therefore set up this page to draw attention to such material.

TV licensing law

Be sure to read the August 2009 update to Questions and Answers. This is an acknowledgement by TVL/BBC that a TV licence is not required for televisions and other apparatus set up to receive television broadcasts. The test is that broadcasts must be watched for a licence to apply.

Detector vans

Previously thought to number 26, the number of detector vans has been revised downwards. See "Freedom of Information - own goal for BBC" and "How many working detector vans? A reassessment", added to What about TV Detector vans?

Withdrawing implied right of access

See this page for a BBC admission that it does not need personal details of people withdrawing TVL/BBC's implied right of access to their premesis.